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Land Ethic

On our graduation day, We all, Green Mountain College graduates, make a pledge together. “We pledge “to be cautious of and active in preserving the integrity and beauty of the biotic community. I will strive to embody Leopold’s Land Ethic … Continue reading

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Being Green

Awake and Aging shares the post, “Being Green“, on its Facebook page. It is about how an elderly lady explained how the old simple practices have been healthy for environment to a young girl who suggested her to use own grocery … Continue reading

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Consumerism and Kids

These days, whenever I ask my husband to pick movies for our weekend movie nights, he would go for anything with kids in them, and he would keep talking about those movies for days. We both love kids. So much. … Continue reading

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Myanmar Gay Marriage

A Burmese photographer, Phone Myat Htoo, posted this picture on his facebook last month with a caption “Supporting Same Sex Marriage – Real couple with Myanmar traditional wedding setting.” So far, the picture has been “liked” by about 900 people and … Continue reading

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“A Yemeni photographer illustrates how women could vanish into darkness and invisibility, step by step, under fundamentalist pressure and the full niqab.” No offence to any culture – I have a great respect to different culture and a very high … Continue reading

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Movement for Ethical Consumerism

Underage workers of a local popular soft-drink factory, Ve Ve, are holding a strike in Myanmar asking to improve their working conditions and working hours to be reduced.  According to the report by the Voice Journal, 200 children, who are … Continue reading

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Take “Just” lessons

People in my country, Myanmar, have locked in a heated debate over the issue of immigration. Bloodshed has not been spared. Instead of looking at righteous laws and policies as models, and pressuring the government to take the high road, … Continue reading

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