Take “Just” lessons

People in my country, Myanmar, have locked in a heated debate over the issue of immigration. Bloodshed has not been spared. Instead of looking at righteous laws and policies as models, and pressuring the government to take the high road, many have pointed out unjust laws and conducts other big nations have practiced in handling the issue of illegal immigrants and other racial conflicts to support their cause calling for the government to produce as equally bad, if not worse, unjust and inhuman practices against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar as other countries have done in those similar situations.

While our people are busy in lobbying the govt to beat out all nations for the crown of injustice, one nation, the United States, has tried to improve its unfair policy against illegal migrants. President Obama just announced a new policy which spares illegal immigrants who arrived the US since as a child from deportation and gives them permission to work. It would not be a perfect one yet and many has yet to improve but, as the President Obama said, “more just” for them.

Taking the high road is never easy, but other unjust and unfair practices will bring us to nowhere other than to an absolute failure in the long term. Why don’t we learn lessons from others and take only good models as the guides for us? It is better, isn’t it?


About Wai Phyo Myint

Wai Phyo Myint is a senior at Green Mountain College, majoring in Political Journalism. She is now in Cambodia doing her senior studies and volunteering as an Communications/Advocacy strategy intern with International Labour Organiations in Phnom Penh.
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