ONe Dollar Beef Soup in Bangkok


Pic: Wai Phyo Myint / BKK

One Dollar Beef Soup Pic - Wai Phyo Myint / BKK

Since my very first semester in the U.S, I have already got a list of the foods I would like to have on the first day when I arrive back to Asia. Asian foods are one of the things I missed most during my stay in the United States because I could not get them often at my college town.

After dreaming about it for three and half years, my dreams were about to become true. Since on the flight, my mouth was watering while thinking about the foods I could have soon.

I arrived at Bangkok at 2:00 am. When I checked my meeting schedule, I realized that my real first day back in Asia was not like what I dreamed about it. I was scheduled to meet with nine different officials in a single day and to read some references for those meetings.

For my first breakfast, the hotel provided it. So, it was not what I wanted and dreamed about it. For lunch, my supervisor took me for lunch at their UN food court – you can imagine – it was just part of the briefing program. She is a very nice Thai lady. She checked with me I was comfortable with the foods. “Wai, you can get all different kinds of international food here. I have not been to New York but I was told that this dinning area is the replica of the one in the UN headquarters in New York.”

In my mind, I was like – I was more interested in the road-side stalls I saw on Petchburi road from the taxi this morning which sell beef soup and papaya salad.

Even though I was a guest there, I was straight to what I wanted to her for the sake of foods. “I just want to have some Asia food or Thai food.” To my satisfaction, I found, at the food court, I could get Thai papaya salad. They served it with different fresh tropical fruits – guava and pineapple. I requested to make it as the way I like – very sour/very spicy and crispy. It was very yummy and that was exactly what I dreamed about.

For dinner, I did not go around but to the roadside stall selling beef soup with fresh sprout and basil, with beef meat, fish ball, and other boiled organs – served it in hot. I put some chili spicy source in it. I was like – “Oh – yes!!!! that is what I say about Asian foods – spicy and yummy indeed.” And, it costs me ONLY $ 1 and that suits a frugal traveler like me REALLY fine.


About Wai Phyo Myint

Wai Phyo Myint is a senior at Green Mountain College, majoring in Political Journalism. She is now in Cambodia doing her senior studies and volunteering as an Communications/Advocacy strategy intern with International Labour Organiations in Phnom Penh.
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4 Responses to ONe Dollar Beef Soup in Bangkok

  1. Nicolaszaw says:

    :p very near to home already. Did u try Durain?
    Luckily I can still eat these Asian food. Btw I was in sg more than three years already. No need CIA now.

  2. NayMyo says:

    They (Thai People) call this soup as “Kwaethayo – ေကြ႕သယုိ ျပဳတ္/သုတ္”. I like very much. We can get this soup in Yangon…. my wife’s relative send the materials involve in the soup from Myawaddy.

    • I have a story (funny) about Ka Tieu (kway teow). I will write about it soon. 🙂 In Cambodia, Ka Tieu is one of the most popular foods. It is originally a Chinese/Khmer soup. It is so delicious. We – Burmese, Thai and Cambodian eat the same foods and use the similar recipes but in Thailand and Cambodia, I saw the way they prepare foods is more sophisticated and the taste is a lot better.

  3. Ma Ma Nyein ;) says:

    this one is most attractive pieces so far among your post , coz its all about yummy spicy food that are my favorite ones 😛 I wish I were together with u to enjoy those food like our old days at MT 😉

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