Happy Valentines’ Dinner

Here, I would like to share some pictures of the first Valentines’ dinner I’ve ever  celebrated.

A few days before the Valentines’ Day, some of my friends asked me what I would do on that day. I told them – I am going to have the Valentines Dinner with my boyfriend. They laughed  and asked me – ‘Wait. How are you going to have the Valentines Dinner with your boyfriend who lives in Dubai – thousands  of miles away?”

“Technology can bring him here,” I responded.

Yeah, it may not be happened in early 2000s but now in 2010, we can make it. We have ‘skype’. You do not need to cost a fortune for flight tickets.   I have cauliflower, carrot, and chicken. He said that he could get them there. There we go, we can make the dinner.

I bought two flowers, two balloons, and two plates from Rutland to decorate the table. I also used my dorm’s community dishes and utensils.

We have never been physically together on the days of our anniversaries or any Valentines Days. Me, studying and working somewhere else, he’s working somewhere else.  We had not seen each other for more than 3 years. This year, we decided that we will no longer let time and space determine how our lives should be.  This is how we celebrate our Happy Valentines’ Day TOGETHER even on the given fact that me, on one side of the world – him at the other side of the world – cooking the same Burmese foods: chicken curry, cauliflower, egg salads, and eating at the same time while talking on skype.

It’s a bit awkward but awesome. Happy Valentines’ to Everyone.

heart-shape omelet
chicken curry
dinner table

About Wai Phyo Myint

Wai Phyo Myint is a senior at Green Mountain College, majoring in Political Journalism. She is now in Cambodia doing her senior studies and volunteering as an Communications/Advocacy strategy intern with International Labour Organiations in Phnom Penh.
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One Response to Happy Valentines’ Dinner

  1. Binh says:

    I like it! 🙂 I will never believe that it would happen if both of you did not do it! Awesome!

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